Caregivers, your journey is a testament to love and dedication. When faced with the challenges of dementia, the path can seem overwhelming. The story of Ms Jacqueline Teng and her father, Mr Teng Hock Bee, paints a vivid picture of the trials caregivers face. However, amid the challenges, there’s a ray of hope – Meeting Centres, a lifeline for seniors with mild to moderate dementia and their caregivers.

The Dementia Dilemma

Dementia is a silent intruder, progressively stealing memories and abilities. In Singapore, it touches one in ten people aged 60 and above, a number set to rise as our nation ages. For caregivers, witnessing a loved one’s decline can be heart-wrenching. Ms Teng’s experience of her father’s sudden shift, his struggle with daily tasks, and even his financial missteps are sadly familiar to many.

The Meeting Centre Solution

In July 2020, Dementia Singapore introduced Meeting Centres, a beacon of hope for families like Ms Teng’s. These centres offer tailored activities to suit the needs and interests of individuals with mild to moderate dementia. Participants, like Mr Teng, engage in cognitive stimulation, discussions, and shared experiences. The sessions create a safe space for them to express themselves.

The Caregiver’s Respite

Caregivers are not forgotten in this journey. Meeting Centres provide vital support for caregivers, equipping them with tips and strategies to navigate the challenges of dementia. Monthly support group sessions offer a lifeline, a place to share experiences and find solace in knowing they are not alone.

Singapore’s Caring Network

As Singapore ages, our commitment to supporting caregivers and individuals with dementia grows stronger. Meeting Centres are expanding, with more in the pipeline. These centres offer hope and respite to those on the caregiving journey.


Caregivers, you are not alone in this journey. Meeting Centres offer a lifeline, a community of support, and a safe space for your loved ones. As the sun sets on one’s memory, Meeting Centres illuminate the path with shared experiences, understanding, and compassion. Together, we can face the challenges of dementia with resilience and hope.

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Story was adapted from The Straits Times, Meeting Centres an oasis for seniors with mild to moderate dementia, and their caregivers