Our Story

About us

SG Assist was born seven years ago from a heartfelt conversation during a National Service commitment.

We started by connecting caregivers with compassionate neighbours, a simple idea that grew into a thriving neighbourhood-volunteering network.

Today, our mission has expanded. We aim to be a comprehensive care solution, supporting seniors, individuals with disabilities, and dedicated caregivers. At our core, you’ll find CareConnect, your personalised care concierge, and Singapore’s first Caregiver Resource Centre.

Join us in crafting a brighter future, where caregivers and their loved ones receive the support they deserve.

Our Purpose

Our Core Values

Our Team

Adrian Tan

Chief Empathy Officer

He talks and convinces. You do not need booze with him around.

Greg Tan

Chief Everything Officer

Does everything, goes everywhere. A master juggler of tasks, with the occasional hiccups, of course!


Chief Money Officer

The one with the biggest grin and pays our food, (almost) every time.

We envision a future...

where compassion and technology come together to create a harmonious caregiving ecosystem. At SG Assist, we dream of a world where caregivers find solace in their roles, where individuals in need receive unwavering support, and where communities flourish through unity and kindness

We want a future where caregivers, often unsung heroes, are celebrated and empowered to provide the best care possible. It’s a world where technology is harnessed to simplify the complex web of caregiving, making it accessible and manageable for everyone.

In this future, no caregiver should ever feel alone on their journey. We aspire to build a robust community that thrives on collaboration and collective support. A world where individuals in need, particularly seniors and those with disabilities, feel valued and cherished, knowing that there’s a network of caring souls ready to lend a helping hand.

At the heart of our vision is the belief that innovation should serve the greater good. We aim to create a community-driven space where innovation, fueled by empathy, brings positive change to all aspects of caregiving. A future where caregiving is not just a responsibility but a shared endeavor that strengthens the bonds of our communities.

In this future, SG Assist stands as a beacon of hope, bridging gaps, and fostering a culture of care. Together, we can make this vision a reality, where kindness reigns supreme, and caregiving knows no bounds.

And we are marching step-by-step into that future inline with the United Nations 2023 Sustainable Development goals.

SDG Goal 3 Good Health and Well-Being

Enhanced Caregiver Well-Being

SG Assist strives to significantly improve the well-being of caregivers by providing them with essential support and resources. Through initiatives like CareConnect and caregiver training programmes, we aim to reduce caregiver burnout and stress, ultimately leading to healthier and happier caregivers.

SDG Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities

Increased Social Inclusion

Our commitment to creating a community-driven approach to caregiving aims to reduce social inequalities. We envision a society where caregivers and those in need are seamlessly integrated into the community, fostering inclusivity and reducing the stigma associated with caregiving.

SDG Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Empowering Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

SG Assist focuses on empowering seniors and individuals with disabilities by leveraging technology and community assets. Our intergenerational programs, senior volunteerism, and microjob opportunities promote active participation and independent living, contributing to more sustainable and inclusive communities.

Our Partners