Hello, dear readers! Today, we embark on a heartfelt exploration of a meaningful project close to our hearts. It is a privilege to share with you the remarkable journey that SG Assist and Fei Yue have undertaken, driven by the desire to support Singapore’s seniors and their dedicated caregivers. Join us as we delve into the world of caregiving and the transformative power of CareConnect.

Compassion in Action

In collaboration with Fei Yue, the Operations Team at SG Assist has dedicated itself to ensuring that seniors who often find themselves living alone or with busy caregivers receive the care and support they truly deserve. Through unwavering compassion and tireless effort, we have set out to make a positive difference in their lives.

Unveiling CareConnect

CareConnect serves as the conduit that bridges the gap between seniors and the vital assistance they need. It aims to empower caregivers with valuable resources, while opening doors to fulfilling experiences for their beloved seniors, even amidst mobility challenges. We understand that outdoor trips may pose difficulties, but fear not, for alternative paths to joy and discovery await.

Joceline’s Meaningful Encounters

Joceline, a dedicated member of the Operations Team, has been at the forefront of this extraordinary initiative. Her role involves visiting selected seniors across Singapore, providing crucial assistance that makes a world of difference. During her visits, Joceline encountered a senior facing the challenges of dementia and limited mobility, whose unfulfilled desire to visit a farm tugged at her heartstrings. The caregiver expressed concerns about safety during outdoor trips, hindering the fulfilment of their loved one’s wishes.

Empowering Caregivers

To all caregivers in Singapore, we salute your unwavering dedication and the immense love you pour into your caregiving role. CareConnect is here to support you on this journey. By partnering with us, you gain access to valuable resources that help fulfil the desires of your beloved seniors, even when faced with mobility challenges. We understand the difficulties posed by outdoor trips, but rest assured, alternative avenues of support await your exploration.

Unlocking Fulfilment

With CareConnect, we seek to cultivate joy and create a stronger caregiving community. By installing gateways for our gateway holders, issuing SOS emergency tokens, and educating seniors on their effective use, we ensure comprehensive coverage and safety. Moreover, we provide beacons for each senior’s home, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Together, we can unlock fulfilling experiences and create cherished memories for our seniors. Let us embark on this journey of discovery as we explore new avenues of support, connecting caregivers and seniors alike.


Dear caregivers, your dedication and love are the pillars that sustain the well-being of our seniors. We are committed to empowering you and enriching the lives of your beloved seniors through CareConnect. Visit our website and discover how we can support you on this extraordinary caregiving journey. Together, let’s build a stronger and more compassionate caregiving community, one that nurtures joy, fulfilment, and connection.

At SG Assist, we understand that caregiving can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. That’s why we provide resources and support for seniors, people with disabilities, and caregivers alike. Whether you’re in need of care services or looking to volunteer at our Caregiver Resource Centre, we’re here to help you make a difference in the lives of others. Visit our websites at SG Assist and CareConnect or sign up for our newsletter here today to learn more.