As caregivers, we understand the deep-rooted concerns and worries that accompany the responsibility of caring for our loved ones with disabilities. Recently, a poignant story featured in The Straits Times shed light on Madam Faraliza Zainal’s heartfelt concern for her child’s future. In this blog post, we explore the challenges faced by caregivers and the empowering support available to ensure a brighter future for individuals with disabilities.

Understanding the Concerns

Madam Faraliza Zainal’s heartfelt concern, as shared in The Straits Times, echoes the sentiments of countless caregivers. She worries about her child’s well-being and the support they will receive as they age. It is a concern shared by caregivers across the globe, as we strive to secure a sustainable future for our loved ones.

A Pioneering Approach to Support

Recognising the importance of addressing caregivers’ concerns, Singapore has introduced new plans for people with disabilities. These plans aim to provide enhanced support and opportunities for individuals with disabilities as they transition into adulthood and beyond.

Empowering Independence and Inclusion

The new plans emphasise empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives with greater independence and inclusion. Through specialised training, vocational programs, and job opportunities, caregivers can take solace in knowing that their loved ones will have the tools and resources needed for personal growth and success.

Supporting Caregivers in their Journey

Caregivers play an instrumental role in the lives of individuals with disabilities, and their well-being is equally important. Recognising this, the new plans also focus on providing comprehensive support to caregivers, ensuring they have access to resources, respite care, and emotional assistance.

Building a Supportive Community

As caregivers, we need not navigate this journey alone. Engaging with support networks and community organisations can provide invaluable insights, emotional support, and practical advice. These communities foster a sense of solidarity and shared experiences, reminding caregivers that they are not alone in their journey.

A Call for Empathy and Support

Madam Faraliza Zainal’s concern represents the worries and fears of caregivers around the world. Let us come together to support one another, showing empathy and understanding. By raising awareness and advocating for inclusive policies and support systems, we can create a society that uplifts individuals with disabilities and their dedicated caregivers.


Caring for loved ones with disabilities is a challenging yet profoundly rewarding journey. As caregivers, we must be proactive in seeking support, connecting with others, and staying informed about the available resources. Let us embrace the new plans for people with disabilities, creating a future where our loved ones thrive and caregivers find solace in the knowledge that they are not alone. Together, we can build a compassionate and inclusive society.

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